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Roundtable Supplement

Experts discuss a customized soft lens that delivers visual acuity and comfort, expanding your lens options for irregular corneas.
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Fitting Manual

This fitting manual is best used in conjunction with KeraSoft® IC online training.
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Lens Selection and Fitting Form

In irregular corneas there is a tendency to fit steeper lenses. Be careful
not to confuse a steeper tight fitting lens with the movement of a flat fit.
Therefore, if fitting one step steeper results in a more mobile lens, try fitting
flatter base curves. (Click to download)


Dynamic Assessment Form

Please ensure all shaded areas are completed and any additional information is
entered into the Comments area. For Movement / Rotation / Centration /
Comfort / Visual Acuity, please circle the relevant text. (Click to download)


 Case Studies



Flat Periphery (FLT)

Patient is unable to wear GP lenses after 18 years. The practitioner explained
that it might take several months for the cornea to return to its natural ectasia.
GP lens has power of -12.50D (VA 20/30) with central touch and with resultant
punctate staining. (Click to download)


Standard Periphery (STD)

Patient has been a GP wearer since being diagnosed with keratoconus 14 years
previously (VA this eye 20/40). The cornea had central scarring and significant
staining with fluorescein. The patient was advised to discontinue the lens until
refitting due to lens intolerance and corneal staining. (Click to download)


Steep Periphery (STP)

Patient diagnosed with keratoconus four years previously. Wore GP lenses but
became intolerant and is being evaluated for a custom soft lens for her left eye.
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Bilateral Keratoconus, Dr. Kelvin So

Case Study: Successful Keratoconus Fitting with the KeraSoft® IC Lens 
By: Kelvin So, OD, FAAO (Click to download)





Techniques by Experienced Fitters

Webinar hosted by Jennifer S. Harthan, OD, FAAO
and Lynette K. Johns, OD, FAAO (Click to watch)


Correct the Vision rather
than Mask the Problem

Hosted by Renée E. Reeder, OD, FAAO, FBCLA
and Lynette K. Johns, OD, FAAO (Click to watch)

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