Closeup of lens fitting to eye

Previously, patients with difficult-to-fit corneas have had limited options.

For many patients, gas permeable lenses or scleral lenses are the right choice.

But now when you need to recommend another option, KeraSoft® IC is an excellent alternative.

If patients are healthy and happy with their existing gas permeable designs, there may be no need to change. However for some patients, KeraSoft® IC can be an ideal first choice. Because KeraSoft® IC combines new advancements in design with a soft silicone hydrogel material, the lens can provide longer-wearing comfort than a rigid gas permeable lens.

And because each KeraSoft® IC lens is uniquely designed for your patient’s specific corneal irregularity, many patients’ needs can be solved by soft contact lenses as well as GP lenses.

KeraSoft® IC



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