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MoRoCCo VA – The key to a successful lens fit

MoRoCCo VA is an acronym which stands for Movement, Rotation, Centration and Comfort, characteristics that when optimal, give the best Visual Acuity when fitting the KeraSoft® IC soft contact lens.

All five of these characteristics are related to one another and have an equal degree of importance when assessing the fit of the KeraSoft® IC lens. If only two or three are optimal, the chance that the final lens selected will provide the desired results is reduced.

MoRoCCo VA App

The MoRoCCo VA App provides assistance when fitting KeraSoft® IC lenses, using the 8 lens fitting set. Based on the successful MoRoCCo VA method of fitting KeraSoft® IC, the App guides you through each stage of the lens fitting process. The MoRoCCo VA App is browser based and is available at no cost. The App is designed for use on multiple electronic devices, including a PC, smart phone, tablet or other mobile device.

Using interactive screens, the App allows you to directly enter data during your KeraSoft® IC lens fitting assessment. The App then provides feedback as to whether the fit is optimal or suboptimal, and offers advice on logical next steps.

In cases involving more complex corneal shapes, you may need to obtain additional technical support from the laboratory. In these instances, the report can be emailed to yourself so that you can forward it on to the lab if needed.

App Features

  • Offers extensive guidance on each screen
  • Stores MoRoCCo VA fitting data for both eyes in one session
  • Displays fitting history for current session for viewing in one glance
  • Animates lens movement
  • Shows lens behavior in straight ahead and upwards gaze
  • Allows you to move the lens to show exact centration
  • Indicates which features indicate suboptimal fits
  • Lets you record your over refraction results
  • Allows you to Email lens orders directly to authorized distributors
  • Email requests for fitting support along with the Morocco VA report data
  • Upon re-opening, App resumes where user had ended previous session
  • Allows for fitting lenses outside of the trial fitting lens set

How to download the MoRoCCo VA App

On your PC

How to install the App on your PC

On your desktop, right click:
New, Shortcut

Next, enter:

in the url box

Click Next and enter a name
for your shortcut

Click Finish


On your Mobile Device

Install the App on your mobile device

From your browser, enter in the address box

Click Share on the toolbar

Choose the Add to homepage option

Adding the app to your homescreen

Enter a name for your App in the text box

Click Add

Congratulations! Your MoRoCCo VA App is now ready for use.

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