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Fitting KeraSoft® IC

Selection of the initial lens is determined by the overall corneal shape and information gained from other sources such as keratometry and topography.

If limited information is available, using the 8.20:STD lens as a starting point is recommended.

Corneal Shape

Observing the corneal profile gives information relating to the position of the steepest part of the cornea and the severity of the condition. The relationship between topography and corneal shape is given in the Corneal Profile Chart.

Corneal Profile Chart

The Corneal Profile Chart links corneal shape to topography information and can assist in assessment of the corneal condition.

Initial Lens Selection

Once the corneal shape and condition has been assessed, this chart guides the practitioner as to the initial lens choice. Once the lens has been inserted, assessment of the lens fit should take place within the first 5 minutes.

Fit Assessment

The fit of a KeraSoft® IC lens is assessed using Movement, Rotation, Centration Comfort and VA which has the acronym MoRoCCo VA. This system assists the practitioner to easily distinguish between optimal and sub-optimal fits.

The Fit Assessment Chart below outlines the indications for an optimal fit (Green Characteristics), sub-optimal fits (Yellow characteristics) and fits that should be re-assessed (Red Characteristics)

KeraSoft® IC



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