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Frequently Asked Questions

"What material is used to make KeraSoft IC lenses?"
KeraSoft® IC lenses are made of Efrofilcon A, which is a 74% water SiHi material, Definitive.*

"Is it suggested that this lens be frequently replaced by the patient? If so, how often?"
KeraSoft® IC is recommended as a 3-month replacement lens.

"Do I need a Diagnostic Fitting Set?"
Yes, a Diagnostic Fitting Set is essential to the fitting process of the KeraSoft® IC lens. Although various instruments can be used to understand the central corneal shape, they give limited information relating to the cornea scleral junction and beyond. Thus it is not possible to fit the lens empirically from topography maps or other measurements. If you would like to order a Diagnostic Fitting Set, please contact your lab's Customer Service.

"What solutions are suitable to use with KeraSoft® IC?"
Please check with your ECP which solution they recommend for your individual case

"How can I get trained on KeraSoft® IC lenses?"
Just go online to at your convenience. Once you complete the web-based training, you can request a KeraSoft® IC Training Certificate. A confirmation email will be sent to you and you will have access to a variety of educational and diagnostic materials. Simply order a trial set to get started.

"What is the fitting process for these lenses?"
Information on how to assess your patients and provide the best fitting of KeraSoft® IC lenses is in our Fitting Manual and accompanying materials. Click here to download that information.

*TM of Contamac.

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