Consumer Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

“I wear gas permeable lenses, is this for me?”
For years, gas permeable (GP) lenses have been the most prescribed lens for patients that have irregular corneas, and if you are presently satisfied with the GP lenses you are wearing there may be no reason to change. However, some GP wearers may experience discomfort with their lenses. Today there is also a soft lens alternative, the KeraSoft® IC design, that is customized for each patient’s prescription. Discuss KeraSoft® IC with your eye care professional to determine what lens option is best for your eyes and your condition.

“I use hybrid lenses – how is this different?”
The KeraSoft® IC is 100% comprised of a soft contact lens material whereas hybrid lenses combine both gas permeable (rigid) and soft contact lens materials into one lens. The center of the hybrid lens is a rigid material; the outer portion, or “skirt”, is a soft lens material.

“Do I need a new evaluation from my eye doctor before he can prescribe these lenses?”
Your eye care professional can explain what steps you need to take if you both decide these lenses are right for you. KeraSoft® IC lenses require a different fitting process than gas permeable lenses, so you would need to go into the office.

“How can I find out more about KeraSoft® IC?”
Ask your eye care professional about this patented soft lens for irregular corneas. If you need to locate an eye care professional who is familiar with the lens, please click here.

“What contact lens solution is recommended for KeraSoft® IC lenses?”
UltraVision® multi-purpose solution is approved for use with all soft contact lenses including silicone hydrogel lenses. Click here

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