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A revolutionary soft lens design

for keratoconus and other irregular corneas

Bausch + Lomb Kerasoft IC

A revolutionary soft lens design is available for people with irregular corneas. This innovative, patented design is a groundbreaking success. KeraSoft IC addresses the unique challenges of people with a variety of irregular corneal conditions, including keratoconus as well as conditions due to post-graft and post-refractive surgery.

KeraSoft IC lenses use a patented technology and geometries from complex mathematics to create a lens design that, delivered in a silicone hydrogel material, offers comfort and visual acuity for irregular cornea patients.

With KeraSoft IC, now eye care professionals can confidently deliver a custom-made lens to meet a patient’s exact needs.
For the contact lens wearer with irregular corneas, KeraSoft IC is a new option they’ve been waiting for.

KeraSoft® IC



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